David Doggett


David Doggettis a retired computer programer living in Irondale where his yard once received the Irondale Beautification Award. He has been a gardener for the last 12 years and a Jefferson County Master Gardener since 2010. At Aldridge Gardens David gives guided tours to adult gropus. He is a member of the Alabama Hydrangea Society.

David has become a collector of Japanese maples and in recent years has taken up grafting Japanese maples which he sells through his backyard nursery business called Trees Company. You can Google “Irondale Japanese maples” to find a Birmingham News article about David and his Japanese maple business. He also propagates Hydrangeas and various other trees and shrubs in his backyard nursery.

If your garden club, church, or civic group is looking for a speaker, below are gardening topics that David can present. He can be reached at 205-951-3463 or byemail

Topics: “Japanese Maples: the Aristocrat of Trees” This program presents PowerPoint sildes of many different cultivars of Japanses maples and discusses how best to grow them. It also includes a discussion of grafting and why this is the most popular method of propagating Japanese maples. Handouts describe proper placement and care of Japanese maples.

“Hello, Hydrangeas” This program covers the various types of hydranges and gives guidance on plant placement, plant care, fertilizing, and bloom color. It sorts out the confusion many gardeners have about the proper pruning time for their hydrangeas. Some of the new hydrangea introductions are also discussed. Handouts describe the various species of hydrangeas and their proper care.

“Easy-Prop” Hydrangea Propagation Learn an easy and reliable way to grow hydrangeas from cuttings taken in early summer. Using inexpensive, easily available supplies, backyard gardeners can grow hyrangeas in quantity without the need for a greenhouse or professional equipment.

“Surprising Things I learned in Master Gardener Class” This program seeks to seet the record straight on many gardening myths. Topics inclued the latest Extension System’s advice on correct planting techniques for trees and shrubs. A handout in the form of questions and answers summerizes the points made in the talk.

“Garden Reference Books and Resources - A reveiw of indespensable garden reference books.” Certain garden books have proved so useful to have available for quick reference that every gardener should own a copy. Other books will inspire you with gardening ideas and make great reading during dreary winter months. Certain southern writers give the best advice on what really works in our hot climate. This program reviews David’s favorite garden reference books in a variety of categories. Handouts list bibliography with a brief summary of each book.

Aldridge Gardens Group Tour is an hour-long tour of Aldridge Gardens (3530 Lorna Rd., Hoover, AL) and a discussion of its history.

David can be reached by emailor by phone at 205-951-3463.

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