Jason Kirby


I am a native of Gadsden, Alabama, and have lived in Birmingham most of my life. I attended theUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a background in Biology. I have workedwithin the Jefferson County Public Library System for the past seventeen years.

I currently work for the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens (FOBBG), formally known asthe Birmingham Botanical Society, Inc. for overeightyears in the position of Archivist for TheLibrary at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I am the institutions first Archivist!

I created the Archives and Rare Book Room in August 2008. In that position I am in charge ofover 300 rare books, Japanese Tea Ceremony artifacts, scrapbooks, antique seed catalogs andgarden manuals, plant fossils, botanical prints, photographs and other horticultural and botanicalephemera.

I am currently President of the Society of Alabama Archivist (SALA), and a graduate of the JeffersonCounty Master Gardeners Association (JCMGA) in 2007 and a recent Harrison Fellow of the Historic Landscape Institute at Monticello in 2017. I was honored to receive alifetime membership to the Garden Club of Alabama by the Edgewood Garden Club in 2015. Ihave a deep love for gardening, science and history and give numerous presentations to differentgarden clubs and plant societies across Jefferson County.

I can be reached by email or by phone at 205-414-3967or 205-414-3920.

Note: If you would like to do an honorarium for me speaking to your group and it is much appreciated, please make checks payable to Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. In the memo put Jason/Archives. You can give me the check or mail to Jason Kirby, The Library at BBG, 2612 Lane Park Rd., Birmingham, AL 35223

Archival Presentations:

1.The Archives and Rare Book Room at Birmingham Botanical Gardens-This was my first presentation I developed here at The Gardens. This program focuses on what I do as an Archivist, how The Archives developed and a breakdown of some of ourcollections housed within. I also cover what we collect and how you and your garden club can help us preserve our history and be a part of our Archives here at The Gardens. Comesee what an Archivist do! (20-30 minutes / PowerPoint presentation)

2.Digitized Movie: The Grand Opening of The Conservatory at Birmingham Botanical Gardens (Tuesday, December 18, 1962)-

This movie is a digitized copy from the original super 8 film taken over 50 years ago fromthe very first visitor to walk inside The Conservatory. This shows how The Conservatory and some of the Botanical Gardens originally looked in our earliest beginnings. Come watch our history unfold on the big screen! (20-30 minutes / movie presentation)

3.From Kitchen Gardens to Flora of the Civil War-

This presentation covers the different types of southern historic gardens with a focus onkitchen gardens during the Civil War time period. I cover flora from herbs to commoncure-alls, to sweet herbs for hearth and health, to teas and vinegars. Come see how ourancestors did back in the old days! (20-30 minutes / PowerPoint presentation)

4.The Postcard Collection of the Birmingham Botanical GardensIf you lovepostcards and the Botanical Gardens, you will love this presentation. This presentationcovers: Alabama state botanical emblems, local Birmingham postcards, and the postcardsdealing with the Birmingham Botanical Garden. Come take a walk back in time, withthese colorful gems! (20-30 minutes / PowerPoint presentation)

5. Celebrating 50 Years at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens (1963-2013)-The Botanical Gardens will be celebrating our 50th and this presentation covers the majormillstones broken into decades. From our earliest formation to where we are now andeverything in between. Come take a walk down memory lane with us and see our historycome alive! (1 hour / PowerPoint presentation)

6.History of Lane Park (Birmingham, Alabama)This presentation covers the Historyof Lane Park, a 200 acre park which becomes the future home of the Birmingham Zooand the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Come see how this park grew from its meagerbeginnings over the decades to what you see now! (20-30 minutes / PowerPointpresentation)

7.The Gardens of Emily DickinsonSurprisingly, Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) was better known more as a gardener than a poet during her lifetime. I will walk you through the seasons of Amherst, Massachusetts (Spring, Summer & Autumn), to highlight the flowers that inspired Emily to write her collection of almost two thousand poems. We will also take a peek at her herbarium book and conservatory. Come get inspired by a poet’s garden! (20-30 minutes / Powerpoint presentation)

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