2017 Master Gardener Class

The 2017 Master Gardener class began on Thursday, January 12th, with 36 Interns present. Look for great things from this class.

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At the last class meeting on April 13th, the groups presented their completed projects:

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This group helped Oxmore Community Center create a food garden whee people can go to learn about gardening and benefit from the food going to the community. The made five raised beds and have plans to add more as they continue working.

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This group worked on the restoration the a community garden at the Liberty Highlight Community, where the church and community have been brought together. It is the senior citizens who do the gardening.

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Four of the six members of one group were teachers or mentors. They developed a Virtual Garden for children in the 4th grade, based on the ABC’s of wildflowers with a coloring book of individual pages to be used by the students. They presented this to one 4th grade class. The students and teacher were very receptive and they plan to do more presentations of their Virtual Garden.

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This group chose “Fun with Herbs” as their theme as they reaching out to First Light Womens’ Center as their project. There are nine full time residents who greatly enjoyed the herbs they were given, the soaps they made and the wonderful cake made with herbs that they were served. This program underscored the culinary and helath benefits of harvesting fresh herbs.

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This group put together a presentation on Southern Container Gardening that they will take to various groups to teach how successfully anyone can do container gardening.

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This special group of eight created a Sensory Garden at Vestavia Hills Elementary school where they created three raised beds for students to work with.

Look for great things from this class.

JCMGA 2017