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As a Master Gardener you trained to answer the calls we receive on the “Ask a Master Gardener Helpline.” You may have spent a few hours fulfilling your training obligations in the GPIC work room (under the stairs in the BBG where computers, phones and publications are located) or you may be one of those dedicated volunteers who has spent hundreds of hours answering questions from eager gardeners. Now you can answer the calls and inquiries from the convenience of your home.Our team leader, Blair Cox, along with Ann Gray Harvey, will be hosting remote learning sessions about using university websites for research, interacting with the public and saving answers for future use. Please contact Kate Musso at to learn more. And if you worry that you may not remember enough from your Master Gardener classes to answer questions, don’t worry—all of the Extension Agents in Jefferson County are standing by to help, including Gary Gray, Jim Jacobi and Bethany O’Rear.

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