Community Garden Starter Kits

Request for a Grant of Community Garden Starter Kits

You will need to submit a document describing your organization, it’s history, programs, and the structure and function of its gardens. Requests for Community Garden Starter materials should include:

how irrigation is planned and the source of water;

process of distributing produce or garden space;

any fees for your program

the target population need and how this grant will address it;

funding sources and how this grant will be integrated into the existing program

description of Jefferson County Master Gardener involvement

A Community garden starter kitto make and fill
one raised bed 12 ft. By 4 ft. x 10” consists of:

4 planter wall blocks
two 2” x 10” x 12’ ground contact lumber
one 2” x 10” x 8’ ground contact lumber
45 bags composted manure
10 bags mushroom compost
5 bags wood mulch

JCMGA 2020