Grant for a new project or to expand an existing project

You may pick up a rules and application packet at the ACES office on the 2ndfloor of theBirmingham Botanical Garden administration building or emailKate Mussoif you would like itemailed to you.

You will need to tell us what the grant will be used for, how it will benefit yourcommunity, and what involvement Jefferson County Master Gardeners will have.

Requests for equipment or software purchases should be very specific. JCMGA reserves the right to purchasethe items directly and donate them to the Applicant.

Requests to fund new or expand existing programs should specifically include:

* The target population need and how this grant will address it.

* Specific program goals during and subsequent to the grant period.

* Existing funding sources and how this grant will be integrated into the existing program.

* How the program will be funded after this grant has been spent.

* Is there a fee for the program?

JCMGA 2020