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Charlie Faulkner, President

New email for Charlie:

A message from our President:

As I advance in age my enthusiasm for backyard gardening is beginning to wane, while my passion for helping people continues to grow. And community service programs through Jefferson County Master Gardeners Association are high on my list for opportunities to serve.

This year I volunteered to serve in the UAB/ACES Harvest for Health study of how vegetable gardening impacts the body, mind and spirit of cancer survivors. This is an exciting five-year study that will surely return a progressively positive outcome.

The Harvest for Health study is one of many opportunities to give back to our communities. Master gardeners, though not always in the spotlight, are actively serving their communities in various ways. I think of them as ‘Hidden Heroes”, and to all I say, “Thank you”!!

The year 2019 has been another stellar year for master gardeners. We have enjoyed great fellowship at our monthly meetings, and the monthly programs have been outstanding learning experiences.

Lastly, it’s Fall, it’s hot, the ground is dry, and my 2019 garden has become a disaster. But I will not despair. Instead, I am encouraged by Winston Churchill’s word’s of wisdom: “Success in not final and failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”.

It will rain again. It always has...

Happy Fall.

Charlie Faulkner,


JCMGA 2019