To Request Speakers


Our Master Gardeners have prepared a number of topics that they are available to present. Please click the speaker’s name beside the topic to access the page about the Master Gardener who is available to speak.

African Violets,Leonora Robertson
Aldridge Gardens Group Tour,David Doggett
Annuals,Leonora Robertson
Aromi Azaleas,
David Doggett
Archives and Rare Books,Jason Kirby
Bio-dynamic Farming,Robyn Mitchell
Butterfly/Hummingbird Gardening,Charlene Chaband
Celebrating 50 Years at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens,Jason Kirby
Coping with the Garden as You and Your Garden Age,Mike Rushing
Composting, Charlene Chaband
Container Gardening,Karen MitchellLeonora Robertson
Digitilized Movie: The History of BBG,Jason Kirby
From Kitchen Gardens to Flora of the Civil Wa
r,Jason Kirby
Gardening for Wildlife,Peggy Thompson,Leonora Robertson
Garden Myths addressed in Master Gardener classes,Mike Rushing
Garden Reference Books and Resources,David Doggett
Garden Touris,Mike Rushing
Herbs,Jennifer Hicks
History of Garden Clubs, Jason Kirby
History of The Birmingham Botanical Gardens,Jason Kirby
Hydrangeas,David Doggett
Irises,Nora and Dale O’Connor
Japanese Maples,David Doggett
Landscaping for Wildlife,Peggy Thompson,Leonora Robertson
Maintaining the Home Garden,Mike Rushing
Native Plants,Peggy Thompson
Orchids,Leonora Robertson
Panicle Hydrangeas,
David Doggett
Planting, Transplanting, and Repotting Trees & Shrubs,David Doggett
Perennials,Richard Cybulsky
Propating Hydrangeas,David Doggett
Pruning Basics, Mike Rushing
Pruning Hydrangeas,Mike Rushing
Raised Bed Vegetables,Jennifer Hicks
Roses,Jennifer Hicks
Shade Gardens,Richard Cybulsky
Surprising Things Learned in Master Gardener Class,
David Doggett
Vegetable Gardening,Karen Mitchell,Leonora Robertson
Walk & Talk through the Host Garden, Mike Rushing
What to Expect from you Yard Crew
,Mike Rushing


Charlene Chaband
Richard Cybulsky
Jennifer Hicks
Jason Kirby
Karen Mitchell
Nora & Dale O’Connor
Leonora Robertson
Mike Rushing
Peggy Thompson

There is no charge for our volunteer, but the Master Gardener may aaccept reimbursement for milage and materials. Honorariums to the Jefferson County Master Gardener Association are accepted and are much appreciated. Mail donations to JCMGA, c/o Bethany O’Rear, Regional Extensions Agent, 2612 Lane Park Rd., Birmingham, AL 35223-1802.

If you are a Jefferson County Master Gardener who is interested in becoming one of the speakers, you canemailHopeLongcall her at205-414-3931, or drop by The Library at BBG, where she is the director. Please provide your contact information and your topics. You will be asked to write something short about yourself and your topic for your Speaker’s page. You can look through what some of the other speakers have written for ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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