Reach for the Stars Awards will be presented on February 12th at the Master Gardener Meeting and pot luck luncheon. Pictures are available inPhoto Albums.


Reach for the Stars Awards were presented on February 13th at the Master Gardener Meeting and pot luck luncheon.

Pictures are available in photo albums.

2018 Awards



On Wednesday, December 13, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. The event recognizes time donated by those that assist in the day-to-day operations of The Gardens, from major events to education. Linda Massey, who will be in the 2018 Master Gardener Intern class, was presented the Ida C. Burns Volunteer of the Year award for her continual service in many areas of the organization and her significant impact on The Gardens. Karon Harmon was presented the A. Brand Walton, Jr. Unsung Hero of the Year award for her independent and “behind the scenes” contributions. Kathy Connolly and Maura Horton were awarded the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Plantsperson of the Year for sharing their plant knowledge and skills with other individuals who volunteer. Mary Frances Colley was awarded Educator of the Year for her educational efforts promoting public knowledge and appreciation of plants, gardens and the environment. And a new award was introduced for 2017—New Volunteer of the Year—which was awarded to Louise Billings.

Kathy, Linda and Louisse

Reach for the Stars Awards were presented on February 14th at the Master Gardener Meeting and pot luck luncheon

Photos can be seen in the photo album.



Hope Cooper

Hope Cooper was awarded the Ida C. BurnsVolunteer of the Year for Birmingham Botanical Gardens at the Volunteer luncheon in December. Gail Snyder received an award for Plants Person of the year.

Gail Pless

Gail Pless and Ruth Varnel were given awards for being Educators of the Year.

Ruth Varnel

Congratulations to our Master Gardeners.

February 9th waswas ourReach for the Starsannual awards program, with Ken Hall as the Master of Ceremonies.

Ken, Master of Ceremonies

There were nineteen bronze stars awarded this year: Worth Barham, Elizabeth Bishop, Judity Courington, Richard Cybulsky, Ann Davis, Debbie Dumais, Mickey Farmer, Linda Goode, Paula Haynes, Steven Knop, Kitty Lineberry, Mary Mc Glaughlin, Charles Murray, Cathy O’Sheal, Sally Price, Christopher Pugh, Crystal Salter, Renee Saul and Neal Schooley.

There were three Silver Star awards:Elissa Capps, Maurice Picardy and Peggy Thompson.

Nine Master Gardeners qualified for gold stars this year: Bertrice Brown, Mary Connolly, Hope Cooper, Thomas Douglas, Ann Gray Harvey, Diana Jones, Donna Madison, Gail Pless and Marie Robertson.

Gold Name Badges were received by Lawrence Michalove, Martha Picardy and Janet Waters.

Alicia Hall and Leonora Roberson were awarded Platinum Name Badges.

Congratulations to all. Be sure to look at the 2016 Reach for the Stars Photo Album.

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