Bessemer City High School Community Garden

Bessemer City High School (BCHS) has had a Bessemer City High School Community Garden since March 2013. The BCHS was designed and founded by E.W. Phillips, on March 13, 2013,while he was a Master Gardener Intern. There were members of the School Parents Teachers Association and Volunteers. At that time, he was directed to be project manager

of the BCHS Community Garden by Principal, Florence Moore. The BCHS Community Garden has made significant improvement, changes, and aligned with appropriate courses taught. For example: students taking Biology and Environment Science courses are required to participate in Garden projects. Some Special Education Students participate in Practical Exercises conducive with their specific course and orientation. Last year the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toured the the Bessemer City areas looking for possible Gardens Sites and Places creating Local Food and Local Places (LF/LP) through out the Appalachian Regions. It was Noted by the EPA Team Chief; Bessemer City High School Community Garden was one of the best he had seen during his tours. Credit was given to E.W. Phillips for having the best Garden in May of 2017. Click on the image to see more pictures.

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