Glen Iris Traffic Triange Project, 2019

The entrance to the historical Glen Iris neighborhood in Birmingham was significantly enhanced by the recent renovation and appealing planting of the “traffic triangle” opposite UAB. The triangle was a barren site for many years, despite being strategically located where the historical Southside neighborhood intersects the UAB campus. With the guidance of Hope Cooper, the Master Gardener project mentor, the intern team (and many other community partners) excavated the site down to the bones of the streetcar roundabout which stood on the spot. The 2019 Jefferson County Master Gardener team was comprised of Darwin Bell, Nancy Brown, Gail McClurg, Gigi McGraw, Mary Ellen Snell, Marlene Whikehart and Linda Xia. The team replaced urban fill and sand with fertile growing medium. After that, they installed a sustainable array of perennials, including sedum, coreopsis and Echinacea. Since the initial planting, supporters have lovingly tended the location with obvious success. Cooper notes, “the Glen Iris neighborhood is so happy with this project. It is something we have wanted for years. The cooperation of the City of Birmingham, UAB, Master Gardeners, and the neighborhood finally made it come to fruition.” Now that the project has been planted, maintenance has been taken on by a dedicated team. “A number of neighbors have helped all along the way, from the initial planning to ongoing watering and weeding. When neighbors and Master Gardeners are out there working, people who drive by shout their thanks and encouragement,” Cooper notes with pride.

Glen Iris Triangle in January

Master Gardeners at work sign in front of people with tools

The soil pile

The soil pile flattened

Glen Iris Triangle in July
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