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JCMGA Members’ Programs

(In person)

February 14AuditoriumReach for the Stars / Potluck luncheonBethany and Ken
March 14AuditoriumSnakes of AlabamaJimmy StilesCome join your peers and meet Alabama’s notorious herpetologist for a captivating learning experience on Alabama’s snakes.  Settle your fear of finding one in your garden by learning about the various kinds that live in our area.  Learn the difference between venomous and non-venomous, what to do if you encounter a snake and especially what to do if ever (heaven forbid) are bitten.   Hope to see you there!
April 11AuditoriumSt. Stephens Church, a Forest in Transition
Chris Boles; Lois Chaplin Lanier Gartland; St. Stephen church in Cahaba Heights will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.  During the last 50 years, the forest surrounding the church has remained untouched.  As a result, it was filled with so many invasive species of plants that the walkways were grown over and trees were dying from climbing vines.  In 2018, a small group of members got together to see what might be done to remove the invasive species from the property.  This program will document the progress of the restoration of this forest and see how our communities came together to help it return to a more natural state. 
May 9AuditoriumPlant SwapHana BerresThe Plant Swap is coming – the Plant Swap is coming!  Bring at least one, preferably two plants to swap.  A few rules apply: Native or ornamentals only, PLEASE NO INVASIVES Propagated plants that have established roots, or storebought is fine, PLEASE NO CUTTINGS, FRESHLY DUG, or propagated plants without roots.   Store bought items should be >8”, cell packs with at least 3, 4-6” pots.  A set of 3-cell packs will count as one plant. Tickets will be handed out upon approval of plants; first round is random; second rounds will follow, etc. until done.
June 13AuditoriumWinter Garden PlanningJessica Hill Discover the basics of starting a fall garden from Jessica Hill, the Jones Valley Garden Manager.  Learn what vegetable crops grow well in the Alabama fall, how to create a timeline for a successful fall garden, and where to get gardening supplies in town.  She will provide recommendations for direct sowing and transplanting fall crops, tips for harvesting your fall crops, and much more! 
July 11AuditoriumThe Art of Growing MushroomsTodd French,
Have you ever wanted to start growing your own mushrooms?  Well, now is the time to learn how!  Todd French, a Microbiologist from MS State will share his knowledge on how to grow mushrooms in your own garden.  Starter kits will be offered for a fee, be on the lookout for the pre-registration email to sign up and get yours at the meeting.
August 8AuditoriumBasil: Culinary Herb and Much More!  Phyllis Clay,
Advanced MG
Do you like to enhance the flavor of some of your favorite dishes with herbs?  Journey with me to explore the origin and history of basil. You will be surprised at how many varieties are available and how versatile it can be.  I will talk about various methods of basil cultivation year-round in Zone 8A and will share some favorite basil recipes as well!
September 12AuditoriumBonsai GardeningDoug UnkenholzDo love to garden but don’t have a lot of room?  Then Bonsai might be your answer!  Come learn about the art of Japanese Bonsai from Doug Unkenholz, the President of the Alabama Bonsai Society.  
September 19 from 5-7pmIreland RoomReunion / Cocktail Drinks will be provided, we ask for people to bring finger food.
October 10AuditoriumVestavia Corner GardenRick CybulskyRick will be discussing some of the exciting things going on. More to come!
November 14AuditoriumGraduation for InternsBethany O’Rear / Amy Weis
January 9, 2024AuditoriumHow Alabama Gardeners Can Help Stem the Biodiversity and Climate CrisesScot Duncan, PhDAlabama ranks 4th among US states for total species and its natural beauty is one of the state’s most valued features.  However, the global biodiversity crisis has hit Alabama hard. The state ranks 2nd for extinct species, and 3rd for endangered species.  Now weather extremes caused by the climate crisis is bringing new threats to biodiversity and us.  Fortunately, we have solutions to counteract both crises and everyone can play a part. Dr. R. Scot Duncan, Executive Director of Alabama Audubon, and author of Southern Wonder: Alabama’s Surprising Biodiversity, will describe how gardeners and landscapers can create more livable neighborhoods that alleviate the biodiversity and climate crises.