Advanced Master Gardener Certification and School Teaching Curriculum

The Advanced Master Gardener Certification is an opportunity for Master Gardeners to explore their interests—more deeply in one subject or more broadly in a field—and to share that knowledge as a speaker or subject matter reference for the community. Contact Bethany O’Rear to learn about the requirements for earning the certification and two of the proposed subjects: Advanced Master Gardener Certification in Urban Trees and Advanced Master Gardener Certification in Sustainable Foods. If you’ve been looking for a way to pull together your interest in native plants and forestry or beekeeping and food preservation, the Advanced Master Gardener Certification may be right for you. Bethany would also like to hear from you about other subjects or fields which you think might be interesting.

Bethany can be reached byemailor by calling her at205-‭‭‭612-9524

School Teaching Curriculum

Master Gardeners get a lot of requests to teach kindergarten through 8th grade students on botany, ecology and entomology. We have several classes that are tried and true but we’re always looking for more. My goal is to create an inventory of class outlines and materials for hands-on classroom activities so that any Jefferson County Master Gardener can pick up a box and be ready to teach that afternoon. If you have had success with scouting, church or volunteer activities for K-8, would you please let me know? Even if you don’t have a written lesson plan, your idea might be exactly what we need.

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