Midfield High Ore Line Trail

The Midfield High Ore Line Trail Master Gardener Intern Project Team (that’s a mouth full!) would have never guessed that such deep friendships could be born out of a pandemic, let alone that we would have learned so much together! In late April, as the Covid-19 Pandemic had us all dejected and, in many ways, wallowing in our own self-pity and despair, our mentor challenged us to not give up! At her invitation, plans were made for our group to convene in her backyard, donning masks and maintaining a safe distance, where we learned how to identify and propagate plants that would be suitable for our plant site. Over the course of the next 6 months, we each came to realize and appreciate that this project was worth so much more than the sum of its many parts. We were being taught perseverance by our mentor while the friendships that were being created served as emotional therapy in the midst of confusion and even despair. Bottom line: we are a motley crew that had the great fortune of being assigned the most Fabulous Mighty Master Mentor, Hana Berres! We are deeply grateful for all who helped to make this project happen and we look forward to continuing to tend it and watching it grow!

JCMGA 2022