Senior Sensory Memory Garden at Cares, CJFS

This Master Gardener Team consisting of Joyce Shevin, a 2017 Jeffco MG graduate who worked on phase one of this plan, along with Interns Rebecca Compagna, Anna Cooper, Pam Hess, Joy Kloess, Holly Mussell and Debra Wiatrak. They worked to create a senior sensory Memory Garden at Cares Collat Jewish Family Services center stimulate all five senses of the clints, as well as giving respite to their caregivers. The group envisioned rolling planters, so all of the people could help work with the plants and to get the sensory benefits from this. Phase one was some planters around the patio to be filled with herbs. Unfortunately, the center was closed before the project could be completed in it’s entirety, but all of the groundwork was laid to be able to continue when the center reopens.

JCMGA 2022